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Open House & Studio Tour Fun

Last month, we opened the studio doors and took over our parking lot to welcome our friends, family, and East Austin neighbors. We enjoyed having guests in our world, giving them a taste of what we do here in the studio, and celebrating our fellow artisans and small-business owners.

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Client Collaboration: Repurposing old keepsakes

Have you ever wondered what to do with your old wedding rings? Wonder no more.

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Field Journal: Mining sapphires in Montana

On a family expedition years ago to the Diamond Bar sapphire mine outside of Helena, Montana, I got hooked on the treasure hunt of gem mining. It wasn’t limited to experts – anyone can do it – and even a 13-year-old beginner is guaranteed to find something. The tools are water and a shovel, wieldy for anyone from a teenager to a retiree. It’s an immediate adventure, a hands-on quest that both suits and feeds the independent spirit of the explorer.

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Where Your Sapphire Comes From Matters. Here’s Why.

The Sapphire Saga

The oldest sapphire legends come from eons ago when ancient beholders of the gemstone’s celestial blue believed it held intrinsic powers of harmony, peace, and healing.

But in time, this treasured jewel spawned a profit-hungry industry—in some areas, at the expense of the ecosystems that formed around the geological landscape in which these beautiful stones were created. As a result, sapphire mining has affected the planet in irreversible ways, most recently (and most seriously) with mining taking place in Madagascar. As miners tear through environmentally protected lands, they destroy the surrounding forests—and endanger the animals inhabiting it. Continue reading…

Tiger’s Eye and Moonstone: June’s Alternative Birthstones

If you were lucky enough to be born in June, you have not one, but four gemstone options to commemorate your birthday. Perhaps it’s perfect that Geminis, the chameleons of the zodiac, have classic pearls, rare alexandrite, ethereal moonstones and bold tiger eye to choose from. Equally beautiful and unique, moonstone and tiger’s eye make very different visual statements.

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Chrysoprase: The Other May Birthstone

Cuttlefish sterling silver earrings with chrysoprase - Christopher Taylor Timberlake Fine Art Jewelry

When you think of May, a brilliant green gemstone might come to mind. Of course! The glorious and ostentatious emerald hogs the spotlight this time of year. But there’s an equally beautiful, lesser-known green stone sharing the month of May. Chrysoprase.

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The Diamond Dilemma: Finding a Reliable Ethical Sourcing Process

canadian diamond - loose canadian diamond ethically sourced diamond

We all love admiring the sparkle of a beautifully cut diamond, but have you ever wondered where that diamond originated? Whose two hands mined it, unearthing it from the depths of rock—and where in the world they did so?
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Coffee, Cuttlefish & CreativeMornings

Cuttlefish mold post-metal casting - Christopher Taylor Timberlake

What can help a non-morning person through a 7 am wake up call? In our case, coffee, and lots of fire.

Recently, we hosted a FieldTrip for CreativeMornings. Wanting to provide a hands-on workshop for our fellow Austin-area creatives, we started with cuttlefish bones, which everyone used as a canvas for their unique design. Then we helped them cast their visions into existence using molten metal. Continue reading…

Shows And Events

East Austin Studio Tour, Austin, TX
2308 E Cesar Chavez St., Suite B

Tour #465

November 17, 2018 – 11am to 6pm
November 18, 2018 – 11am to 6pm

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Caring For Your Jewelry

turquoise wedding ring - turquoise and mokume ring stone inlay



To prolong the life of your fine jewelry and protect it from damage, we recommend the following care: Continue reading…

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